E-Ticket Example for Hahn Air's All Airpasses


5 easy steps to issue a Hahn Air All Airpass:

  • Calculate the fare of the All Airpass on www.allairpass.com / Airpass Calculator and book the flights in your GDS
  • Make an informational pricing and note the Taxes and the Q-Surcharge (if applicable) as well as the Baggage Allowance
  • Check the Rules on www.allairpass.com and note the Farebasis, Tourcode and Endorsements
  • Include the following information in the ticket mask (please note that entries may differ depending on the GDS):
    • All Airpass Fare (see the Airpass Calculator) – Please make sure to blank the fare box with the IT-Indicator
    • Taxes and Q-Surcharge as well as Baggage Allowance (see informational pricing in your GDS) – Please note that the Q-Surcharge has to be included in the Fare Calculation
    • Farebasis, Tourcode, Endorsements (see the Rules on www.allairpass.com)
    • Form of Payment
    • Travel Agent Commission: 0%
  • Ticketing Carrier: HR
  • Issue the All Airpass on the Hahn Air (HR-169) ticket



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